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Returns Policy

1. Items bought are covered for general manufacturing faults, however if the item has been taken away from the premises and it is deemed that the item has been damaged, during this time the customer will be liable for all repairs or replacement costs.

Please ensure that on collection of all items, that you exam them closely for any faults or imperfections as we are not responsible once the item has left our premises. Any damage to diamonds or precious or semi-stones outside our premises is not covered under any warranty.

2. Items once sold will not be refunded, unless agreed by senior management. All items are deemed non-refundable unless otherwise stateted and documented by management.

3. Items are all valid for yearly check-ups, however the customer will be liable for any repair or maintenance costs.

4. Unless stated on the invoice, any resizing or alterations will be chargable with a valid reciept.

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